Empty Legs

Ever heard of Empty Leg flights?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. Empty Leg Flights are flights flown without passengers in order to reposition the jet to another airport; either to its home base or another airport to pick up passengers who have chartered the aircraft. We thought why don’t we try to fill these jets with passengers who also would love to experience luxury, comfort, style, and convenience? We developed the Catch-a-Jet APP which gives you the opportunity to book available Empty Leg flights, connecting you with your favorite cities. If you book an Empty Leg flight you book the whole jet and you decide who flies with you!

How does it work?

Booking Empty Leg flights will is easier than ever before. You can download the Catch a Jet APP and start booking Empty Leg flights on private jets.

Once there is a match between a selected city pair and an available Empty leg flight you will receive a push notification containing all required aircraft- and flight information.  Now you can decide if you want to book the flight or wait a little longer and save the flight as a favorite in the APP, as long as the flight is available.
The Catch-a-Jet APP offers a Top deal of the day flights which are unique in price and/or destination. Alternatively, you can scroll through the main screen; perhaps there is an available Empty Leg Flights that are tempting enough to book even if you haven’t selected the city pair for this flight. Isn’t your desired city pair available? Don’t worry, the Catch a Jet APP will look for alternative available flights.

Booking an Empty Leg- or Top deal of the day flight is really as easy as 1, 2, 3!


You only need to add the first and last name of all passengers and only for the person who makes the booking the phone number and email address.



Review the booking.

Pay the booking, payment is obviously fully secured.

After successful payment, you will receive a booking- and payment confirmation as well as a confirmation from the operator containing all required information. We don’t require any registration or membership, we want to keep things, quick, simple and convenient.

Why choose Empty Legs with the Catch-a-Jet APP?

The Catch-a-Jet APP is designed with customer convenience and transparency as its starting points. No call for a price, unlimited city pairs can be added, travel dates, and desired numbers of seats are optional. You can also adjust the travel distance to or from the destination- and/or arrival airport(s) to increase the chance for a match with an available Empty Leg flight.

What price range should I think of?

Booking Empty Leg flights with the Catch-a-Jet APP means you can enjoy significantly reduced prices because prices are offered with discounts up to 75% compared to regular charter prices. This way almost anyone can enjoy Empty Leg private jet flights like never before. Imagine yourself flying with friends or business partners to Paris, Ibiza, London, or Geneve? Now is the time to do it!

Curious for a luxurious private jet experience? Download the Catch-a-Jet APP!

Want to experience an Empty Leg flight with highly trustworthy and experienced operators, enjoying all the service and comfort a private jet has to offer you? Get your personalized matches with the Catch-a-Jet APP! If you need any more information about Empty Leg flights, our APP, or anything else, please check our FAQ.

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