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By downloading the Catch-a-Jet app, you will be just a few steps away from flying to your favorite destinations in a luxurious private jet. Chartering a private jet is now an option for everyone, by making smart use of empty flights, with prices that are up to 75% lower compared to regular charter flights. Making use of the Catch-a-Jet app means you will fly completely private; you book the entire jet just for yourself. All of that in complete luxury, style, and with the comfort you can expect from private jet flying.

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Empty Leg flights

Empty Leg Flights are flown without passengers in order to reposition the jet to another airport; either to its home base or another airport to pick up passengers who have chartered the aircraft. These empty flights are offered for prices that are up to 75% lower than regular charter prices. The Catch-a-Jet app will let you book these Empty Leg Flights directly with our operators. Smart and affordable traveling in style!

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Want to travel in a private jet flown by operators who have the highest possible safety-, luxury-, comfort- and service standards? The Catch-a-Jet app offers you empty leg flights with our partner operators. There are many different private jets available, that offer space for 4 to 10 people. When you book a flight, you book the entire jet for yourself, so it's up to you to decide who else flies with you, and whether you split the cost. Enjoy the most luxurious way of traveling in a smart and affordable way.

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Just can not believe what a wonderful experience we had. The flight, the pilots, the service, the champagne, all the details. Catch a Jet is the best.

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Just Superb!!

Oxana L.

Incredibly easy booking process!

I am really positively surprised by how uncomplicated the whole booking went and the service is really excellent. I will definitely book again through Catch a Jet.


Good service, great app!

Thank you very much!

Max P

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